Juni 23, 2021

Free 10K up to 200K FGN Everyday

This Simple task only for User FocusGames, If you not member of FocusGames, Please register first here: https://focusgames.io to get reward.

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How to get reward Free 10K up to 200K FGN Everyday?, Complate One or more task bellow. Reward I will TIP manualy at FocusGame Chat, if You have Question or any Help, please PM me (Ryukein) at FG or Reply this article.

Complate this task to get reward:

  1. Free 10K FGN
    • Suport browser: Mobile and Desktop
      Visit: https://my-id.site/music, than sign the chat. Reward priode 1 day 1 reward, please use your FG Name to sign chat.
    • Suport browser: Desktop only
      Visit: https://my-id.site/css, than sign the chat. Reward priode 1 day 1 reward, please use your FG Name to sign chat.

  2. Free 50K FGN, Suport all browser.
    Reply or comment at any of article at this site: https://my-id.site, Your reply article must be more than 200 char words. Reward priode 1 day max reply article is 4 article (4 article, 200K = 50K x 4). But reply this article will not count, because this article only use for Report or Help only.

  3. Free 75K FGN, be my refferal.
    Register as my reff and give me screenshot or report here.(Reply this article). I will TIP You after you done.

This offers was end, because FocusGames now is not Profitable anymore, Play games at FocusGames now just a spend your times.

Thats all above is simple task to get reward with FGN, if any question or any help you can reply this article or PM me (Ryukein) at FG. Thanks and enjoy the reward. ๐Ÿ˜€

Useful link: